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Monday, June 30, 2008

my beloved

she has the beauty that only age can lend. i have known her for as many years as i have known myself. i have seen her draped in most amazing colours and seen her in nude. i have touched her skin and i have fought with strangers for her. i have loved her - my delhi.


this [55] was on demand by geetu. and it being my favorite topic, i was keen to be not as lousy as i have been [as stated earlier] the last two times. and thanks to geetu [now a sweetheart] for bringing the best out of me.

this sounds like somehow inspired by khushwant singh's 'delhi' to me. it might be not true but i believe so because the passion that is visible in that book is what i would want to be inside me [for the city].


Saturday, June 28, 2008

the commotion

the commotion was not visible to the eye but was apparent to the mind. wails of the babies was being punctuated by shrieks of some women. air was stuffy by the increasing warmth and patience of the men was running low after power backup failure in the overtly expensive premium lounge of the cinema hall.


i ain't really satisfied with the quality of this [55] story as well as the last one [the white beard - i guess even the title of the last one was inapt]. i guess i have become over-confident after geetu's compliment.


Friday, June 27, 2008

another down the train

another friend on mine seems to be going the marriage way. the path is a double flavored one - arranged cum love. and both their treading have been the same. sometimes you meet people for whom you are dumb, sometimes you meet dumb people and sometimes none are able to admit that the other is dumb. when this happens at a relatively senior unmarried age in indian context - it gets harmful. you getting kicked in the arse and still run back, pant at the slightest purr. and finally, the feline willing, decide to say the vows. nothing wrong, i say, if you get the honest fondle.


Thursday, June 26, 2008

suggestions derived from a study

a news link on rediff caught my eye. it reported that a study has determined that the girls think about shopping as much times as guys do sex in a day which is an average of every 52 seconds [if the guys get that much time, that it, i presume. there are other similar exceptions {like when driving along with other girl drivers on the road - they surely won't be thinking of laying them but wishing they are invisible} to these findings but that could be the subject of another post]

so you please read up the rediff article and then read some suggestions that might be of some social help in that case:-

- government should subsidies the real estate rates for those opening specific-for-women malls. that ways they would be keeping girls away from the guys and hence contribute in decreased population growth rate.

- condom companies should open large stores, like those pen stores in malls these days that sell pens in all shapes, sizes, colours and textures. and these condom companies should give away incentives in the form of shoes and bags to the girls for doing excessive shopping. that ways they will do some social service by bringing girls near guys as well as improve revenues.

- no wonder villages and small towns have much better fertilisation rate. government should encourage malls in villages instead of spending millions on educational programs.

- companies publishing adult magazines for men should buy stakes in women fashion accessories companies and fund them so that men would find solace in their volumes when they won't find their girls at home

- instead of running 20 miles a day to shed their flab, guys should work for shoe stores. probability of a girl shrieking out of wonder on how beautiful the shoe looks on her feet and getting impressed by your shoe selection skills and hugging you would be much more than her hugging you after getting impressed by your hard earned results after you worked your ass off on that regime

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

i can't

to the white beard - i won't talk to her. i can't touch her, i can't take her in my arms, or on the pretence of dancing, hug her. i can't kiss her or sing her any lullabies either.

and then the white beard said to me - you can't do much kid, if you are dead


Friday, June 20, 2008

the need for television

if it wouldn't have been for great animation movies that hollywood produces and the sports channels, i am sure, i would have grown tv illiterate. and i didn't know animation movies look as charming in greyscale as they do in the riot of colour that they are.

although i am sure that there must be as great animation movies being made in other parts of the world - looking at the quality of non-english adult cartoons available - disney and pixar seem to have taken animation to a different level.

i was browsing the channels before picking up my daily dose of sudoku [these days i am growing affinity for kakuro as well], when "happy feet" [amazing soundtrack and a very entertaining movie] glued me to an hbo reception which has been in b&w for past some days. i am slowly coming to the conclusion that because of the costs included in making an animation movie, presentlyonly big production houses are able to attempt them which somewhat ensures their quality [even at the cost of a little remotely predictable storyline].

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

an effort i gave myself couple of brownie points for


their roundness and firmity was bringing water to his mouth. he has waited for them too long. with eyes incredulously wide and mouth a little open he patted one with almost an awe in his breath. he brought his mouth to one and sucked upon the heavenly juices that oozed out that spongy bengali rosogulla


this [55] one was written in a single effort without any editing at all. although a little surprising but the result pleased me nonetheless.


Sunday, June 15, 2008

the sports

an important update - we have some drawings, which won the awards at the drawing competition that we organised at sankalp for the underprivileged children, up for sale. if you want to contribute, you might like buying one of these sweet drawings. please click here for a detailed post and camera pictures of these drawings.

written couple of evenings back...

someone rightly said that sports brings out the character in you.

and that be you in the game or outside the field.

romania and italy's tie that just concluded, i saw just the 2nd half of the game. it was a fabulous game with great passes, incredible shots at goal that went unconverted. but the best part of the game was about mutu. the player with jersey number 10. probably the most popular footballer from their country and the most talented one too. the one who produced gems in the match. the one who gave the team the lead [although a short lived one]. the one who played the earlier tie even when his grandmother passed away just 4 days back because he wanted to give his team, his country the benefit of his talent. the one who took the penalty in this match, a great chance to take lead again, and missed it. he was distraught, almost in tears, like he has lost someone as precious as grandma again.

you see it all in just one match. a great talent blossoming and humbled by the game.


i asked naveen, who is married and has the television inside his bedroom [he is also a sports buff], how does he manage to watch both the matches of euro 2008 nearly everyday [2nd of which starts at half past midnight]. that too after watching the 1st one which gets over only by quarter past 11 when his wife [who is like all girls who might like sports but can't stand back to back midnight games] doesn't seem to appreciate it. he with glint in his eyes and mischief all over his face replies, the foreplay goes a tad longer these days ;-)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

the 10 super secrets

last evening when i got a comment from churning that she's tagged me, i excitedly hopped to her blog to confirm if she mistakenly said that because i remembered that she has not. then i thought maybe she is reiterating chakoli's statement. but today morning i realised that she was actually prophesying. now that i know i have my back against the wall, i got to find a way out ;) something similar to when you mug up an essay on a cow and get my best friend as a topic in the exam. if you still can't find the connection, go stare at some big boobed blonde - you might realize a reflection there :D

so in honour of the ex-delhi hottie who people call churning [the burning] something :D, here goes...

1. i like females with big boobs
2. i don't like anorexic females
3. i don't like females who have layers of flab
4. i don't mind certain plumpness if the chest size do not exceed the waist size by two-thirds
5. i like odour but not when females start drinking perfumes; smell of the skin is most of the time better than when treated with benzene
6. little tattoos seem intense on female skin
7. knee length skirts make females look hotter, alas the culture here is repressed
8. those who know how to balance aggressive and subtle faces of their sexuality at one time need to be revered
9. vanity, if at all, should be backed by scorching body
10. last but not the least, i somehow go blind when i find a female who can kick my wits ass

it somehow took much longer than i initially expected. i hope i didn't flunk it. :D

the baton is now broken into 3 pieces and each given to samy, omy, jonny


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

getting your skin to help solve maths

i was wondering about the hypothesis that you can solve mathematical problems most efficiently when you are in buff and feeling good about yourself. humans, when they imagine about a situation or a philosophical instance, they make themselves the center of that hypothetical universe and imagine stuff around themselves. similarly, there is a time of the day when they feel good about themselves. and it is more often than not in front of their reflection. probably because mirrors provide the concentrated view of the universe. so when you are looking at mirror and feeling good [it could be after potty while brushing teeth :D, or while getting ready for office, or before going for a bath, or before preparing for sleep], the pressure in the nerve cells of the brain ease, the blood circulation gets better and the ability to solve analytical problems increases.

so when do you feel are most efficient at solving maths problems? :D

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Monday, June 9, 2008

a trip to a school

weekend started with buying of a desktop pc for niece, which for me actually facilitated the trip on saturday morning to moradabad, 160 kilometers from noida. started with sitting at the back of prashant's car. the last when i went on a trip in his car was the hrishikesh trip last year. it wasn't the same month but there were similar flashes still. was with anjie in the back seat inside the car and there was fog outside. this saturday morning, it was overcast and it rained a lot too. for a hundred kilometers, i guess, we saw a good amount of water pouring on us without us getting wet. took a pit stop at now virtually closed reliance motel. i am sure, they would have improved the benchmarks for low cost pit stops looking at the kind of accessories that were installed in the facility.

the trip was about a visit to the school run by 'sankalp', ngo based in gurgaon. they have this school where they enroll kids who work in now dwindling but very health-degrading brass industry. they also solicit sponsorships for those kids who can not/ are not willing to pay. we organised a painting competition, gave away little prizes and a movie for those kids. the kids had good fun while watching the movie. we had good fun watching the kids. i didn't like the fact that we had lunch and snacks on school's cost. we were back home by around eleven in the evening. though i wished we further cover another 160 kilometers on that the trip, nonetheless, it was fun.

please visit here for a cheerful version :)

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Thursday, June 5, 2008

a critique

not that i have any problem with upper crust [in terms of money] of the society producing people good at art. it is just that when some study such as "the waffle of the toffs" by n. prabha comes before me, my faith is reinstated.

it is a critique where the author is trying to drive away a point that most of the gifted authors are from poor backgrounds and spend their lives in poverty and neglect. while those who receive all the medals receive them for the contacts they or their families have in the conferring institutions. she has picked indian writing in english as a subject. the funniest part is that the study itself is publish by some non-descript publisher. i got it as a gift.

in one of the comparisons, it shows how premchand with much more social relevance was nearly convicted for writing stories as compared to tagore who was decorated by the british empire for his socially useless, even anti-independence literature. and it is not just about the social relevance, she has compared the quality of literature as well. an eye-opener for sure.

do read it if you can lay your hands on it.


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

some people just aren't made for it

there is nothing interesting about, soha ali khan's presumably glamourous, sexy maxim shoot.

there is nothing remotely complimentary sexuality about it. and it has nothing to do with my prejudiced opinion against her.