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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

crap after more than a week

the number of reasons why you should not be speaking things in advance, according to me, are two. one of them being that you might be pronouncing them incorrectly now like 'repid' [rapid] and can later be corrected by the way of using it as a tool to tell you that it is indeed 'rapid' [that too the british pronunciation] by your brother [because he wanted to save himself from being corrected, it is singada not singhaada] and second being the possibility of your not fulfilling them when they would have been took as promises by the near and dear ones like your declaring that you would marry the most beautiful of all girls to your mom but ending up being a gay.

anyways the reason of all the above crap is that when there were estimated 1,00,000 tigers in our country around 100 years ago, as many zeros in the number of years have been removed from the century old population by now. i think i would if not should do something like join wildlife useless [it is inevitable you see - nature is just looking for a reason for us to see before deleting us] protection.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

the heavenly dates

if you ever liked eating dates and think they are fabulous then you need to taste the dates from Oman or from Saudi Arabia. I mean I had till now just heard about them. I tasted them just some days back and let me tell you they are amazing. I mean they are a pleasure to eat. They have such huge amount of melting meat in them. And the best part is that they are prepared by the best Halwai in the world. Each of them have the exact same amount of sweetness making them qualify for the word heavenly each time they meet your tongue.


Friday, October 19, 2007

some story

"he apparently loves that fucking slut tara and finds flaws in my perfection just even to talk to to me", pooja was furious. she has been trying to make sanjiv pay attention to her and all she has been able to achieve was salty, tasteless smack on her lips. but she knew the day sanjiv's lips would be affectionate, they would suck her life. there is a lot of difference in loving someone and asking someone to love you, she thought.


Thursday, October 18, 2007

it's all about oil

if you think too much virtual boobs have been thrust into your face by virtue of music videos and if you think too much mother-in-laws have been injected in your life by virtue of you know what and if you think too much songs in the name of music have been thrust down your throat from everywhere and if you think there are no real issues to talk about or ponder upon then you got to watch syriana. the movie brought an oscar to clooney and some light to me.


Saturday, October 13, 2007

to dubai

virtually whole of this gone week in dubai was good. i mean i was busy and i was not bored or alone. i didn't read but saw tv and went to sleep tired and not brooding. but i feel alone now that i am back in the place i apparently love and with people who are most important to me.

maybe it was just the city's dazzle. would have faded soon. i probably wouldn't want to settle there. saw the red ferrari running in front of me on the road - amazing. and a white one the next day. i went walking around blocks near the hotel and ate some very good chinese served by a chinese girl with great legs. the crowd was okay. good but not special. i have seen almost amazingly special crowd in only one city till now.

so 4 nights in dubai were not bad.

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Friday, October 5, 2007

so You are God? eh !!!

[note - before reading this post you might need to have a look at om's this post and this picture]

old and frail, her heart like her bones; she was standing akimbo in front of the towering idol of Ganesha, which has newly been brightly plastered in the synthetic enamel, asking whether He was testing waters of the sea - that took her son involved in the latest airplane crash - if it would take Him?

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Thursday, October 4, 2007

what a coincidence

i think the goddess of coincidence is not really goddess [or female form]. it is actually male and it is not really fond of bloggers whose nick start with letter 'b'. so as it happened, for a lot of years i didn't have any girlfriends, or even girls for that matter, around. what a coincidence, i thought - virginity coupled with boys college [and thereafter workspace] mixed with elongated work hours. even hookers weren't obliging enough to offer any student discounts. and now when there are hot high-heeled hookers doubling up as models, females in virtually unbuttoned allen solly tight executive shirts with boobs oozing out vying for attention all around, i am married [with pledge for honesty for first 2 years]. i hope this coincidence doesn't last too long.

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