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Monday, January 7, 2008


we humans are fascinated by fire. we know it would burn us. we still get attracted by it. we get hurt again.


Tuesday, January 1, 2008

about my 55 word stories

i was introduced to the 55 word story thing as a tag that used to do rounds a little back when i was into my lengthiest blog, till date. and i have been hooked on to it more than i have been hooked on to my blogs. i guess there are some rules to writing one too but i have had mine and they are as follows:-

1. the story should have a beginning and an end.
2. there should be a plot.

i always try to include an element of surprise, a climax towards the end of my stories but i have to admit that the undertone of the stories that i am writing depends very much on my current state of mind. sometimes it happens too that things strike me and make a foothold on my mind till i model a story on them.

anyways, if you have anything to say about my stories, please drop me an email at bbuurrff at gmail dot com

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