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Friday, September 28, 2007

an interesting quiz

females having weaker sex drive is a cultural misconception and you always thought that thats one thing that makes them unattractive... nah!... lol, if you ever thought you know everything there is to know about sex then think again and even if you think you don't really know a lot about it even then you might score as much as i did in the smart sex quiz that i took.

no adult site, no offensive, disturbing place. go to this wonderfully resourceful website and check the quiz out.


Thursday, September 27, 2007

detached is

detached is you making love but not loving her; detached is you praying but lacking faith; detached is air but no oxygen; detached is driving but not going; detached is not missing you all the time

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Monday, September 24, 2007

how grand is it?

1. there is this paint work going on the in the house to which although i am contributing near zilch still warranted my bouts of superfluous supervision.

2. the occurrence of words at regular intervals which made sure that i was reminded of the shabby state of my lexical strength and which made sure i was referring the dictionary at disturbing frequency.

3. the absolutely fabulous game of cricket which was followed by the hopeful anxiety.

although the three points above were the primary reasons why i was not able to complete into thin air by jon krakauer at a single go [also it has been awfully long time since i completed a book in a day / single go], i still was able to be through with around four fifths of it. and the reasons were:-

1. it was a non-fictional account of things people do for the romance of it, the enormity of nature and paradoxical state of triumphant life in the face of fallibility [perhaps due to chance or perhaps nature itself wanted so too].

2. although off late rapid movement on high-altitude roads isn't leaving me comfortable but mountains have always impressed me.

3. although i might never be able to get into technical mountaineering and it is not even a burning desire to do any life-threatening climb such as everest but who knows.

into thin air is about an expedition undertaken by some people to climb everest and losing their lives. although i believe that you need to have done some kind of strenuous trekking, if not outright technical mountaineering, to really understand how not easy should conquering something as grand as everest be considered - even if you have the will, the determination, the ego and the resources - a message which probably the author wanted to relay across.


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

a trek planned on the last week weekend

a trip to somewhere is now long due. it has been around six months since i went on my last [trekking] trip. a chapter was started then. i don't know if another will open or anything will close. though there are some options floating in the group that would be the superset of those who will actually undertake it, i think it would be binsar. it is a wildlife sanctuary in almora and the solitariness figures in almost all the accounts that i have read of the travel to it. plus i don't have any pictures on this blog, a fact that should change soon.

but i want to do a long[er] trek. something which is 3 on the grade scale. or moderate to strenuous on the layman's scale. and which demands life-support in the form of guide, porters and huge rucksack on the back and specialist shoes on the feet. by the way have you done a trek [lately]?

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

to my beloved city

after falling in love with two females from mumbai and chennai each and declaring mumbai and chennai to be better cities than delhi [love is blind, you see], i am back with a bang to realise that delhi[and it's girls - although i have no intention of offending the national hot babe association] is better after all. but this time i am not the only one who is screaming this out loud and no one is seeming to even blink - the claim is backed by results of survey done by NCEAR [National Council for Economic and Applied Research] which says that delhi rules when it comes to economic, science and technology, and welfare. and for all you skeptics, you can go read it on page 13 of today's ET. and while i still not discount the fact that this survey does not mean anything for the the crimes against women that [seems to regularly] keep happening in the city, i would now have something to shove in the faces of all those whiners who come here for whatever reasons but never try to count the positives about the city. it is something like what a kid who came for her UG to DU said to me, "although the education, fashion, food, history and greenery is the best in here but the city is crap" - obviously i was mighty pissed off.


Monday, September 10, 2007

gyan and coincidence

i owe you somehow sounds similar to i love you and come to think of it, it is true too. it is not just what you can take or what you want. it is what you can give.

~ some gyan by someone. boring, eh?

coincidence is an anti-thesis to the brain, or maybe the catalyst.

someone visits your blog, writes a comment. some other commentator had a different view of the post and argues the previous comment. the previous commentator {surprisingly - for herself} gets ruffled and shoots back. after a couple of weeks and your intervention the two fighting commentators discover that they are husband and wife and leading a virtually altercation-free real life.


Wednesday, September 5, 2007

if you are a santro driver, read on

if you are a santro owner [and daily driver] and your work place or home is near south delhi, noida [or wherever] then you should be aware of the fact that you have been awarded with choicest of dirtiest expletives that can even be heard in hindi while driving. one of the foremost reason for your adornment is your gross ignorance to the fact the drivers coming from opposite direction are not blind and poor fellows can't see even when you are driving in dipper [because it is so bloody glaring - please note that i ain't even mentioning santro's high beam here {by the way i have been to two international cities and i haven't found this stupid piece of korean engineering anywhere}], so for fucks sake please restrain yourself from using high beam.

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Monday, September 3, 2007

why is it confusing me?

the song is getting popular now. although i heard it, on someone's insistence a little while back, and liked it...

but there is something about it that confuses me and that i can't understand

the song is o meri jaan from the movie metro. it is clearly a song that celebrates new love in your life then why is there the word "firse" in a line is the last stanza?

kal uska raha, ab hai tera...
teri bahon ki firse dunde ye panah

has this confused you too?