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Thursday, October 30, 2008

the demands of love

suresh's girlfriend asked him to think a creative way to tell her that he miss her and it is painful. she demanded creativity after watching airtel's new advertisement, though.

suresh, could think of nothing else; he ate hot and spicy mutton curry in the lunch and dinner too.

he satisfied his girlfriend, thanks to constipation.


i am at work, thus the express editing; please tell me if you find mistakes


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

happy diwali to you

wish you all beautiful girls a

very happy diwali

what! do i hear the dudes sneering out there, chill guys, wishes to you too :D


Saturday, October 25, 2008

f1 is different! now!

this was written 4 weekends back:-


f1 is going to be different forever for a single most important reason from this weekend onwards.

it is going to be a night race. in singapore.

under floodlights. as if turning your car 80 miles per hour under the sun isn't crazy enough. and to add some more craziness to this, is the fact that there is 50% chance of it raining on the race day according to the forecasts.

i hope to not miss the race.

but one very positive development could be foreseen from this race for us lesser mortals/drivers. the biggest concern of the organisers / engineers is the glare of floodlights reflecting against the water, if it rains.

i hope they invent some solution in the form of anti-glare coating for windscreens or something because we could harbour hope with scientists but never hope that dumb headed drivers driving in high beam [even when it is raining] on our roads would ever learn.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

growing up

no matter how many invisible streaks of grey you get on your head, no matter how many intellectually stimulating discourses you have with journalist cum blogger friends of yours, no matter how many dark plays you go and see and critically appreciate even when they seem nonsensical, no matter in front of how many framed paintings you silently but visibly nod your head, you still come back home and ask your mom why is tea in cup at the left lighter in colour than that in the cup on the right.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

buying furniture in noida

it is a dissatisfying experience, if not an unhappy one, looking to buy a coffee table in noida within sane budget.

it seems that the designers think that there are only two types of buyers

1. with money
2. with no idea what decency is

if i am someone who wants to buy a piece of elegant furniture, with a simple design that is not soliciting mucus all over it the moment you have a look at it, for a price that is within 25% to 50% [as profit] of its cost price here in noida then you are insane.

if any of you can suggest some good furniture shop in noida for a middle class buyer like me [budget - 5k, for a coffee table] then please do give me its address


Saturday, October 18, 2008

the links for lables are working now

at this unearthly hour when those oldies who sanity has still not deserted sleep and teenagers are still awake, i am oscillating between the two polar milestones of age and trying to keep sleep at bay.

if the above statement doesn't make sense, don't bother. it isn't making any to me either. anyways, the point is that due to some paranormal reason, the anchor tag wasn't working for my blog template earlier. which is working now.

so if you faced any broken links there at some point of time and are still interested, please click them again. they are working now after a little bug fix. you may call me names, too, if the earlier attempts caused you mild discomfort.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

different eyes

in a party sanjay gave his seat to a girl, but he didn't know that a lot of eyes were on him

[teenage] shilpa - what gallantry! i wish i was sitting there

[nympho] mala - how sexy, i wonder why wouldn't i ask him to take me after that

[feminist] jaya - the asshole thinks the girl can't stand

[suspecting] ruchi - i am sure he just want to look down poor girl's cleavage

[mcp basher] priya - good for him, what was he thinking of himself, he couldn't have had the seat for long anyways

[maternal] sangita - i wish i had such a considerate kid for my little girl

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

an amazing beauty

om was describing estimating the psychology of a girl with the looks of hers. i was trying to disagree although all of it was being done more or less in jest when God probably smiled a quirky smile.

she was wearing a fawn coloured blouse and coke coloured probably british caudroy trousers and a pair of kohlapuris which were flowing with her clothes the same way her skin, which was in the lightest degree of all that brown. the most beautiful contrast was being provided by the huge amount of kohl that was busy arresting all the beauty of her eyes.

and i found her the most beautiful girl on the face of earth simply because she seemed rather genuinely engrossed sampling the book, she was holding, if it would be a good read.


this happened a couple of hours back in om book shop, at great india place, noida


Saturday, October 11, 2008

if you

if you regularly follow my blog then it would be great if you could acknowledge your visit sometimes...


a little story from mahabharata

a little part from mahabharata, that probably everyone of us have heard from our grandparents at some point of time goes:

when on a day suyodhan (duryodhan) pestered bhishm pitamah to no end that he should kill the pandavas, which pitamah was avoiding, he vowed, that he would kill them the day after. Krishna on hearing this, devised a plan. He took draupadi, asked her to take off her khadhaav and hid them beneath his arms. the result - pitamah wished her "chir saubhagya vati bhava". and then she asks him, if you have vowed to kill my pandavas, how can your ashirwad be true...?

second thing that Krishna did, he gave arjun the mukut of suyodhan and asked him to enter pitamah's tent and steal his bow and arrows that he had reserved to kill the pandavas.

thus, mahabharata is as much about Krishna [his leela], philisophy, tact, diplomacy, social rules for humans, as about an epic battle where apparently evil was defeated on the hands of good.


Friday, October 10, 2008

my first post with these new labels

this was written last weekend


mom has given me a list of half a dozen tasks, which i was avoiding, as usual, under the garb of it being 2nd october and markets / resources being closed. after the scrumptious breakfast of dahi, achar, muli paranthas i was lying when mom browsed the channels to stop at one of these theological channels. i decided not to revolt as i was at peace and content. i guess these two features are important if you aren't in pain and still not averse to listen about God.

on this channel, there was this person who was reciting stories from shrimadbhagwat gita. he had hypnotic voice, charming dialect and a sweet disposition. and listening to him was accentuating the peace.

it seems from the stories that if pandavas wouldn't have had Krishna at their side, they wouldn't have stood a day against the army of kauravas, even when they had arjun and bhim among them.

also, along with little stories there is as much philosophy entwined in between couplets of shrimad bhagwad gita. and someone with as much story-telling attributes as this gentleman, i was talking about above, could make them sound as inviting and interesting as they really are.

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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

is this disgraceful?

you can read the prologue of my post in someone else's words here.

in continuation to my comment there; i heard that some performances back or episodes back, saroj khan had humiliated bakhtiyar in a very crude fashion. although i believe that a person could never act above his or her person level, but there should be some grace at the level khan is at.

but it was a sad win for the girls, nonetheless. they didn't deserve it. and i feel they still got the respect from the guys. i draw this particular conclusion from the fact that delnaaz stopped her brother from sharply retaliating to the unsavory criticism from the judges, when boys had concluded their ultimate act, by silent gestures. she (and the girls) understood every bit of his (their) reaction. and also, it seemed, that each of the girl understood that it was not a disgraceful act of immature knee-jerk reaction but a humble although passionate solicitation against the usage of uncouth words from a senior judge [which saroj khan, malaika and pandey were very well aware of, thus their acrid words].

another related link


Monday, October 6, 2008

conversations around tea

this is an old post which i wrote earlier, but didn't post it and now it is irrelevant as om has already arrived but haven't took me to the tea shop

bhai log om aa raha hai parso; sec 37, tea shop pe chai pine jayenge. kafi din ho gaye. aunti ke shabdo mein meri tapasya puri ho jayegi. uski shaadi ho jayegi to fir wo akela mere sath chai pine nahi jayega...

below is the story:-

overheard at the tea shop:-

college boys

boy: new girl... look at her flippin' awesome boobs man
friend: where else dude

college boys in formals [probably freshers or newcomers to the working world]

boy: they bloody call themselves the number one company in the world, and have more benches than work desks, hell! i am shit bored being on the bench yaar, and on the top of it not a single cute face...
friend/colleague: i know...

executives in suits in their early 30's

guy: this ice tea is crap dude. this new girl that the stupid HR shifted to my project, that too without my consent; i ask her to think of a design which could leverage our old project learning, and she winks at me: boss, you take care of the designs and i would take care of the leverage part. such fucking audacity man, but i guess with that body she can get away with anything. you know what man, my mom got me married so early... hell!
friend: [day dreaming]

middle aged men
man: if the quality of ice tea keeps going down like this, i guess, i will be better off sipping jonny at some pub
friend: but somehow the quality of females here is inversely proportional to the taste of the tea

retired folks

elderly folk: how much commotion these kids make these days...
elderly friend: don't bother me a bit. these girls sound to me like birds chirping collectively

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

the recoiling robots

i don't understand females who react in some very peculiar ways. one example which is common to a lot of [small town] females is, you are walking down an aisle in the opposite directions and suddenly the female shies herself behind any available natural obstruction just before the moment you are to pass them. to me it is almost offensive. and this happens even in places like your office where the comfort level is at its best. i wonder why?