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Monday, October 6, 2008

conversations around tea

this is an old post which i wrote earlier, but didn't post it and now it is irrelevant as om has already arrived but haven't took me to the tea shop

bhai log om aa raha hai parso; sec 37, tea shop pe chai pine jayenge. kafi din ho gaye. aunti ke shabdo mein meri tapasya puri ho jayegi. uski shaadi ho jayegi to fir wo akela mere sath chai pine nahi jayega...

below is the story:-

overheard at the tea shop:-

college boys

boy: new girl... look at her flippin' awesome boobs man
friend: where else dude

college boys in formals [probably freshers or newcomers to the working world]

boy: they bloody call themselves the number one company in the world, and have more benches than work desks, hell! i am shit bored being on the bench yaar, and on the top of it not a single cute face...
friend/colleague: i know...

executives in suits in their early 30's

guy: this ice tea is crap dude. this new girl that the stupid HR shifted to my project, that too without my consent; i ask her to think of a design which could leverage our old project learning, and she winks at me: boss, you take care of the designs and i would take care of the leverage part. such fucking audacity man, but i guess with that body she can get away with anything. you know what man, my mom got me married so early... hell!
friend: [day dreaming]

middle aged men
man: if the quality of ice tea keeps going down like this, i guess, i will be better off sipping jonny at some pub
friend: but somehow the quality of females here is inversely proportional to the taste of the tea

retired folks

elderly folk: how much commotion these kids make these days...
elderly friend: don't bother me a bit. these girls sound to me like birds chirping collectively

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Blogger austere said...

Ha ha ha...

Must be old age- I can't think of any retort.

10/07/2008 11:09:00 AM  
Blogger spicymist said...

bwahahahaha.common topic girls or rather, new girls to be moe specific

10/08/2008 01:07:00 PM  
Anonymous burf said...

austere - :D

spicy - he he he

10/10/2008 11:02:00 AM  

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