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Thursday, May 29, 2008

technically better 55

the stench

pinky couldn't escape the stench of rotting tissue. she went to stay with her boyfriend over the weekend. parul, her roommate had self condescending tendencies but never suicidal. her heart skipped a beat, probably two. going around the house she couldn't find parul or her body. dead rat inside water coolers isn't easy to locate.


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

the imperfect story

not that i was ever very good at this 55 thing, but i didn't hate my attempts then as much as i do now. anyways another such attempt below:-

the floating

the water still felt warmer and ravi was happy. probably it was how the white sand reflected the sunlight. plus of course the bikinis. the current was good and he had grown used to the temperature which stung initially. water was waist high and some good waves were going above his head. suddenly as another wave surged in front of him something hit his nape and he found himself gasping for breadth under-water.

thankfully ravi isn't going to die yet, especially while falling asleep in his jacuzzi


just completed a technically better 55. feeling better :D will post it later :D


Monday, May 26, 2008

a story in one of the most bizarre forests

though i am not well-read but i can imagine that it would again be my real short-sightedness if i were to declare that i should shed all my inhibitions regarding the indian writings in english. but after completing my first reading by amitav ghosh which is also his latest one, i am able to bring myself to the realisation that every work of art should be judged, if at all, on its merit and not on its reputation or worse still pre-conceived notions.

the hungry tide, i should say is a treat to read. not just because of the quality of english that it brings forward but because of the way ghosh intertwines human minds and their workings while attuned to their surroundings. i picked up this book because i was expecting a travelogue but liked it more because it touched two topics closest to my heart - wild animals [tigers and dolphins at that] and relationships between two human beings.

i have been looking for words but i have being fumbling. i won't write anything about the plot, or the love that amitav have such surreally weaved in the fabric of the story because first, i can't do justice to its grandeur and two, i have so many questions that could disturb me.

although somewhere in the mid of the first quarter of the book, i remember, turning to the last page to look at its number [which in hinder sight reflects my disinterest], it came as a mild surprise to me when i completed it in just couple of days.


Friday, May 23, 2008

learning the language

[written on the evening of the day before...]

yerterday i bought the hungry tide by amitav ghosh, the climb by anatoly bourkiev and the wonder that was india by al basham. i wanted to buy the world without us by alan weisman, the age of consent by george monbiot and the cartoon history of the universe [can't recall the authour, sorry] volume 8-13 [i already have the amazing volume 1-7 :D].

although i asked prashant, impromptu, if he knew the seasons or months in hindi calender and reprimanded him of his ignorance, i actually was rebuking myself about it. asked momma to help me learn the hindi seasons first thing this morning. and here is my progress [please consider the dialect]:-

jaith [mixedup the serial]
ashaad [mixedup the serial]
sawan [mixedup the serial]
bhaadon [mixedup the serial]
mah [asked mom]
faghun [asked mom]

i guess our hindi calender starts from our hindi new year which is near about march of the english one.

started the hungry tide, and when one of the protagonists mentioned that he knew 6 languages, i considered my knowledge of the two i should claim to have fair knowledge of. the one that is my mother tounge is also the one that should bring me to shame the most. i can't claim to read a page of fine text without not comprehending half of the words. actually i believe i can't write half a page of good hindi which would have more range of words than those that we use for functional understanding.

and english which should be one of the fastest evolving language in the world at this moment, i wonder if i know even 10 percent of the words from the complete lexicon.

concoction of problems and issues stated, now the resolution - i should be buying and reading hindi literature [with sound technical language] too. let me see if i would need to buy hindi-engish or technical hindi-simplified hindi dictionary next :O


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

we are all going to

we are all going to die. no matter how pessimistic it sounds - it incessantly comes to the fore. although i have been repeating this phrase to prashant less often than i was doing in the other set of days. but listening to the rain, the sounds that he-cloud and she-cloud are making while having wild sex in this season which is not really meant for their mating ritual, i wonder how rapidly is it all changing [coming to an end]. i still remember, not as far back when i was in grade 8, we used to have virtually frozen fingers while starting to write our mid-terms. they used to be in november. and these days [those absolutely chilling and lovely] winters come for just 2 weeks, probably 3 if we are lucky - that too as late as january? in matter of a decade we have seen a near seasonal collapse. seasons which were taken for granted a decade back sound textbook ideals now. more and more natural calamities [south east asia couple of years back; united states, france last year; myanmar, china this] are happening with disturbing frequency.

anyways, problem stated, now let us state the solution - switch off those lights, walk more than you drive, abhor wood furniture, have sex on floor

and i shall be optimistic and instead think about having more unseasonal and impromptu sex like these guys above ;)

for those uninitiated, sex on floor means less detergents seeping and mixing into underground water :D

enjoy :D

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the first match of IPL

yesterday's t20 match was the first which i saw from start till end in the ongoing IPL series. it was the 43rd match of the series. And of course one of the teams was delhi though i ain't sure if all the indian players were delhites or play for the delhi ranji team. anyways, i was backing the delhi team. for first time in my life i thoroughly enjoyed mcgrath's over - amazing talent the guy has got. i was bored watching delhi crawl to victory after bombastic innings of gambhir and sehwag. and it is sad that the utterly talented cheerleaders weren't given a lot of chance to show off [their talents].


Monday, May 19, 2008

a lazy sometimes wriggling linguist

i guess i have got a worm somewhere deep who is a lazy linguist. linguist as in it starts wriggling on the top of its ass as soon as it sees a new language which interests him and lazy as in it goes dead as soon as the technicality associated with any new script/language poses a challenge.

it started long back when i went for two classes in one of my summer vacation to an aunt to learn telugu. she till this day laugh at me over that. then came a seemingly serious effort when i spent considerable [and valuable] time learning german. after around five years of that effort, the most i can do is i can recognise german from other languages written in the same script.

and some pictures on flickr are amazing


Friday, May 16, 2008

the good morning

it is amazing how kids can fix your mood, and make sure you feel good for sometime after talking to them. the new tenants has a little kid and folks are enjoying it too. her antics keep them entertained. this morning the little one met me on the main door:-

me: good morning mere bache
little one: goooood mning

me: kaise ho aap?
little one: acha huuun

me: aaj aap school nahi gaye?
little one: aaj chutti hai. bahut saari chutti hain

in the meanwhile the dairyman came and the kid screamed out loud... "papa dood waade uncle aa gade hain" :D. i couldn't help laughing a little and waved the kid goodbye.


was trying to find out some good wallpapers of salma hayek. second best thing in the world after carey. probably better. i don't put wallpapers on, it delays the loading of desktop. although the number of files on my desktop make sure that i don't feel the pinch of not having the wallpaper ;)
anyways coming back to sexilicious salma - couldn't find anything that did justice to her absolutely stunning curves.


Thursday, May 15, 2008

negative is in the air, on the ground and under it too

stars don't seem right for asia [not a very positive statement to begin with when everything is already negative]. the storm, the earthquake, the bombs and then wait for another storm, after-tremors and impending fear of next target.

although for some personal reasons, but the year currently doesn't have a great feel to it.

i didn't buy the second of chetan bhagat's because i thought that it would be a product of the knee-jerk reaction to success. and it was, and not very successful or appreciated either. at least not as much as the debut attempt. i bought the third one for a couple of reasons, first it was cheap [i think most of the fiction should be priced this or even less - but even fiction is not popular with masses here]. teachers should build the culture of reading here. second, i thought it might be a matured attempt. the latest by bhagat is very similar to the first one in flavour. i am through with the two thirds of it and it feels like reading an interesting long blog post by someone. wouldn't have recommended it if it would have been more than the current price of 95.


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

the post tagged boredom

the office is not fun these days. again and again nature rings the bell in my head. i wonder when would i finally chuck it all? but maybe it is just boredom. i am not enjoying reading or writing [translates as blogging]. i don't feel like watching porn. i won't say i feel averse to talk but i don't have much to talk about either. i don't feel like complimenting people.

complimenting brings beauty to my mind. probably i am missing beauty. i probably need to be in the himalayas. within some breathtaking views. probably around less crowd. or as an instant pill, i need to go sit at some swanky mall and check out the females there but the idea do not excite me at all. i just hope i am not into for some major disillusionment.


Thursday, May 8, 2008

begging = meals, or not!

problem with sad stories is that they bring you too close to the reality. sometimes life is great fun, even if for not a huge amount of time. you get involved in the merry making and then you realize that, for example, all the crackers that you blew were made by some poor kid in south india which were ruining his hands and life for probably half complete two meals.

but now you are back to the dilemma. now that the crackers are gone, do you keep burning the crackers and hope that the kid at least gets the two half-meals or abhor the crackers and save his hands while probably risk his legs which might be cut by the devil who wants him to look as miserable as possible while making him a genuine beggar.

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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

such nearness to perfection

i have been to the middle east and south east asia. and more than getting the answers, i have got question(s) [about SEA at this moment], which arise from following observations:-

1. flawless skin [and its generous display]
2. gorgeous legs [arty calves]
3. made to order hair [just on head, of all the visible anatomy]
4. naturally petite [but not anorexic]

and something not provided as physical character:-

5. fashion sense [that make you feel like you're living in some fashion-stone-age]


1. although such near to perfection, is there anything that makes them not-perfect?


Monday, May 5, 2008


i am back from the trip and my head is full...

i just want to remain home and chill. want to be with folks. get over with the pending stuff and probably go watch a movie on the weekend with om. and not think much about places i visited and now miss and not worry a lot about important people i miss and people i met just for once [or twice] and miss too.

tode din ke liye chilled out life chahiye.