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Thursday, November 27, 2008

another attack on mumbai [india] today

it has been around 2 months since bombs rocked delhi. and today mumbai. and there were talks of having a federal agency then? whatever happened to it?

and the politicians are giving same dumb template replies to the questions in the media. would there anything be done about it? would there be any proactive steps? would it take half a dozen politicians to be dead before they do anything or would just brave officers and innocent citizens continue to be murdered?

please guys, ask for votes, but stop these bloody terrorists.

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Monday, November 24, 2008

of desire

i am from a school of thought that says if you do not have six packs yourself you can't expect your girl to have a flat tummy either.

but i have to say i would love if i have a girl who has boobs as luscious as those of scarlett johansson. somehow johansson knows how should she hold her beautiful breasts under a sheet that would make heads, of those looking at her cleavage, spin.

and now let's not get into complete package theory.


Saturday, November 22, 2008

i am growing averse to music

i have got another item added to my blog [the little widget which shuffles and plays 7 songs] and i have to dedicate it to four people:-

bubbly - i ripped the idea from her blog. more than the widget, one of the songs inspired me. thanks bubbles.

johny - there is an unpronounced cold war between me and him these days [the reasons are all his misdoings]. anyways, he suggested me to have that crappy shoutbox and now i don't want this 3rd coloumn to look hauntingly empty.

miss thinker - i somehow feel that she is a very cheerful, chirpy girl. very much like the songs i like. hence she now resides on my blog in a way :D

om - he is the one who has always made me hang on, to the idea of blogging.


Friday, November 21, 2008

the artistic attempt

no matter how many people appreciate it or how many people go crazy singing songs in its praise but i neither am able to comprehend nor appreciate poetry which can't discipline itself technically. i find no fun reading it if the meters are not correct, the syllables aren't symmetric, and the rhythm do not follow. to sum it, abstracts do not make sense to me.

even while my under-graduate course, i was not a big fan of eliot, not that i scored any better in case of keats, my favorite. but i have always kind of wondered, sometimes with bitter criticality, what is it that one is inspired by when writing lines such as:-

my love
sexy white dove
your hair when wet
cling to my chest
like the sarong
do to your legs long

i absolutely hate attempts like above. not that i might not have attempted crap such as this when young.

i always like the verse written which the clarity of language such as that by kabir, not to mention greats works such as ramayan, mahabharata and paradise lost, all those follow the depth of language within the circumference of discipline.

Bura Jo Dekhan Main Chala, Bura Naa Milya Koye
Jo Munn Khoja Apnaa, To Mujhse Bura Naa Koye

~ kabir


ps. please don't go searching for writer of the lines above i called crap. they are mine :P


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

damned brands

if you are a brand-conscious person like i used to be [not that i am not so now but there have been discounts in the favour of quality at some instances], then probably you would grow on to appreciate movies like kill bill volume 1 & 2, because:-

1. it had uma thurman
2. it was a colour-riot
3. it had one of the most haunting yet impacting opening numbers
4. it had a good background music

you wonder while watching the volume 1, what in the dear world would it take to bring you in to watch the volume number 2. but tarantino is a brand that has classics such as reservoir dogs and pulp fiction under its name.

anyways, something else is the inspiration for this post.

anil recommended me this movie earlier so i had an inkling that it might be not the pleasantest of the movies but tarantino's name at the very start ensured that i was going to go through it. probably a wrong decision.

- the first surprise came as boobs. if the movie need couple of sets of [stunning] boobs to get people hooked then you should switch off as soon as you are done watching the girls.

- the title of the movie reminded of the joke that went like: a boy had memorised the essay 'my best friend'. and when the question paper asks the boys to write an essay on 'my father', he incredulously pivots the essay on the content of the one he memorised, starting with i have many fathers but ramesh is my best father. there was no significance of the hostel in the movie except that they meet the bad guys [and those hotties] through hostels they stay in - quite loose.

the latest crappy surprise is that the same director is making a sequel - apparently the prequel was successful [i plan to watch it by the way. why? it has four beautiful women instead of two in the new one ;)].


Monday, November 17, 2008

india & pak - where are they headed?

in an extension to my last post, i was wondering yesterday evening, even when the educated masses want peace between india and pakistan, and uneducated masses want their respective bread, what exactly is making friction last?

why can't money dissolve the issues here? india and states were not on very friendly terms while india-pak war of '71. but now the power of money [read outsourcing] is such that even the new president elect has back-tracked on his manifesto.

then why can't money heal the india-pak difference. it can. but the point is some forces might be against it.

i have not researched in depth at all. just picked up some tokens of information from webpages of india and pakistan on cia's website. and my observation goes:-

one of the top import products for india is chemicals which is one of the top export products for pakistan. one of the top export products for India is petroleum products which is one of the top import products for pakistan. but none figure in the top importer or exporter list of either.

let alone these, there is a huge traditional trade potential, for example bollywood and tv [saas bahu sops], tourism in northern india & pakistan and industries which i can't imagine or fathom. and market potential/risks run in bilions of rupees [probably dollars]

so why would those who are currently exporting worth billions of dollars to india and pak want them to choose each other as trade partners [which probably would be cheaper because of proximity in terms of distance and culture, hence costs]? and then there are industries as big as arms and ammunition which are at risk losing a huge market in case of peace between the two countries.


Saturday, November 15, 2008

india - where is it headed?

india set a record of being first to make a successful maiden landing on the moon, first to take as many as 14 scientific tools on its single flight.

although space didn't make soviet union unbreakable but it made it garner a huge respect from the world.

wasim akram lambasted hayden on calling india a third world country. although i don't mind hayden for calling such names because the list is originally theirs so it doesn't matter who they put into it. his act is as inconsequential as the list itself. although what was most funny was akram's calling australia a "village" in comparison to india. especially after today's feat of chandrayaan when it sent first pictures of the moon back home :D

although akram demands a little more space but that will come later. i am just concerned about what kind of image are politicians trying to make out of the country with hindu activists getting apprehended by the police. it is discounting all the positive work done by technologists and scientists.

i am seriously starting to believe that this is more than just about religion. will have to get hold of the book "terror incorporated: tracing the dollars behind the terror networks":-

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

the name's bond er... or is it?

although i was advocating in support of quantum of solace but the truth is that i too missed those moments of finesse which made bond the literal impersonation of suave. the way he uttered most popular phrase, the way he lined his cuffs and checked his cuff links and the way he twitched his neck.

there is a deep paradox about the character of bond. pierce brosnan and his predecessors embodied tuxedo of steel over the body of flesh and heart of steel and craig is exactly the opposite - the body of steel inside the soft, soiled, bleeding, torn tuxedo and heart.

but end of the day, it is all about money. craig will be bond and bond will be craig till it sells. and although i liked casio royale somewhat, i have some demands as a customer:-

what i would want from next:-

1. curvier bond girls :D more skin show :D
2. more gadgets for bond's personal use
3. simpler plot

what i would not want:-

1. cuts or bruises or blood even after long action scene
2. ruddy persona for bond
3. emotional bond


Monday, November 10, 2008

looking for love

sanjana was betrothed to mukki when their engagement broke. she caught some infection and all her hair fall. baldness is bigger than love. then along came jaggi, infact his father did, with his demand of huge dowry. sanjana got married to jaggi. she was touched to know that jaggi was sorry not because she was bald but because his father demanded money. she didn't know even if money can't, probably dowry can buy love.


to hell with editing. i am lazy. no 55's even this time.


Friday, November 7, 2008


i have always maintained and often repeated that timing in visiting historical monuments here in india is the most important factor in the rating that your visit gets.

this saturday saw me getting out of delhi, a long awaited break. although the program was for rishikesh, it was later changed to fatehpur sikri. om wanted to click which he anyways wasn't really able to ;)

got started later than 3 in the morning, late by over an hour. but reached when it was still cooler. started with om getting pissed off by the change in how things work around there and then roaming around the fort complex without a guide.

while om, aro and jo were most interested in exercising their photography skills, i wanted to have some group photographs when while getting bored i realised a story there. looking at the uneven growth of wild shrub in the place where once there would have been much revered tulsi plant of maharani jodha bai herself, i lamented the decay.

the place of tulsi:-

that was the point when i pointed my camera at the walls, the crevices, the cornices, the architecture, the doors and everything. the first thought was how beautiful it all would have been in its glory:-

this is one of those exquisitely done parapets which amazes me:-

i am sure they would have looked beautiful in their times, they seem eroded now. what makes me curious is that although the age of the parapet above and this one below would be much similar, why is there such a marked difference in their erosion pattern:-

another beautiful art in stone:-

this is the most beautiful piece i discovered that day. absolutely breathtakingly stunning:-

before soon, my cheerful disposition which was basking in the thoughts of being part of regal settings was defiled by a cruel pungent stink and brought me face to face with the cycle of time which i had always maintained takes its toll. the smell was due to the excreta of rodents which might be infesting the place at night.


lots of them:-

later, more than the excreta, i was saddened by the corruption that was a result of illiteracy and insensitivity among some rodents of our own species. they were more damaging than the rodents of the rodent species.

i wonder what would have happened to the guy who scribbled this, if he would have been caught doing this inside jodha bai's palace in those times:-

some respite was provided by the efforts that were being put up apparently by asi. but it was not really heartening to see that most of the work was being done in bad taste. but there was an effort nonetheless and it solicits appreciation.

the low quality patch-work, probably because this spot does not warrant as much importance:-

another spot of patch work:-

i was so elated by the cleaning-up efforts put up outside the complex and inside it that i suspected that they were repairing things and making them look as good as the original product.



the beautiful suspect:-


after long, i have done a post with pictures. i always like pictures, you may click them to view them enlarged.

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

come on, ask!

it's amazing how seniors have answers to all your questions. there is this sweet little child of our tenants who is near two and half years old and have an array of questions, answering which swells the bottoms of your pride thinking how much you know, when the answers range from "this flower's name is rose", "this is called thumb, not finger", "this is called pillow" and "no baby, you have not worn the slippers correctly".

thus, the moment you start getting irritated thinking that don't bloody get enough time for your intellectual though processes answering the kid's questions, you wonder why mom hasn't asked to you go buy milk supplies for last two days. you go to your mom and ask, "amma, what happens if you don't milk the buffalo for couple of days". and she replies to your satisfaction and horror that buffalo might develop lumps which are pretty painful if the buffalo is neither milked nor her calf is let near her [which most of the milkmen otherwise do].

you wander away and wonder, who's asking the better questions.


it's kind of ironical that this post will be published near end of eve of my b'day


Monday, November 3, 2008

a bold fashion decision gone wrong

yesterday i bought a pair of v-shape underwear and i shall tell you what a horribly wrong decision it has been. worse than the worst decision of my life when i resigned from a company without serving them a notice and faced what all followed thereafter.

i don't really know where or why the inclination came. but i wasn't really expecting to timidly sit the day through in office after my adventure with fashion. i have always wore the trunks and apart from being comfortable they provide a sense of drape, which is very much missing in the case of vees. you feel naked even when wearing trousers and your hands now and then go to your thighs to check out if that is indeed the case.

i now respect you girls majority of who i believe prefer vees. or probably, in retrospect, they don't have a choice...


Saturday, November 1, 2008

a new change to the blog

coming to office on a saturday could be excruciating, even when you have been given a compensatory off, in advance. thus to offset the pain i decided to work on my blogger template instead.

before i had introduced the shout box, at it is popularly known, on the blog, i wanted it to not interfere with my labels link list on the left side bar. thus i thought of having another side bar. but as i ain't as comfortable at css as i would prefer to be, i was left with a condition where the side bar with the shout box [i call it "instant say!"] has its background container overlapping with that of the posts' bar.

i have tried fiddling with it [the float property], a bit, but am ending up messing the template. thus decided that i should leave it at this till someone who knows this stuff could recommend me with a solution. i need to introduce a space between the two coloumns, like the one marked by the red bordered ellipse as shown in the picture below. thus, if you know of a solution and can suggest me then please email me at - bbuurrff @ gmail . com

thanks a lot.