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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

the long forgotten update

it has been ages since i updated my blog with updates. with what's happening around me and how did it affect me if it did.

there are some movies that never lose their charm. i guess that's why they are called classics. somehow the movies that i love never seem to figure in the list of classics. two are them that i can always think of are:-

- the river wild [you need to have some idea of how river rafting feels, or at least seen a river with rapids with your eyes]
- father of the bride [a movie full of sugar & sweet]

do watch them if you haven't

i try not to watch tv except when it is sports [although my aversion towards cricket is growing with every match]. but these days i am hooked on to some singers on a reality show. the show's name is junoon. the channel is ndtv imagine. there are 3 teams one of which sings sufi songs, another indian folk and the third bollywood fare. the two teams who sing sufi & folk do not sing movie songs. and they are amazing singers. and the even better part is that they sing songs which are so close to the land. beautiful words and simple music. tragedy is that singers from these teams get eliminated because no one seems to understand how different they are from the dhinchak material public are used to. you have to listen to them to understand how different, how classy and superior they are to other music reality shows.


Saturday, August 23, 2008

the farmer

hari happily turned down the offer from a big corporation who wanted to gobble-up his land for peanuts [well golden peanuts, to be honest]. he'd been promised double the loan for the upcoming crop season by opposition party for agitating. he wasn't really dumb like other farmers but he didn't know he was being duped.


today's papers were flashing headlines about tata threatening to pull out of singur. i personally don't favour nano or any other small car that would threaten to break the traffic sanity and add to already smog filled situation. i am not sure if the farmer is going to be benefited. i see 3 cons here:-

1. arable land shrinking
2. farmer going unemployed
3. further environmental imbalance

but i still think we should be going towards green surrounding not grey.

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

another story

from such close she smelled of something different, although magnetic and strong. he could sense her silent smile from the way her dimples were forming. with his chest brushing her shoulder blades much too regularly he couldn't decide if he should hold her waist or be akimbo. such was the dilemma of the pillion ride.


i ain't paying too much attention on my 55's these days although doing much more hard work. i am probably feeling the heat of self assumed competition.

i have to come up with something that makes me proud.


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

beijing olympics 2008

another medal [assured] after bronze in wrestling today.

woo hoo

i loved it.


does anyone here love this country?

i am enraged.

just for cheap publicity, people who have got some visibility in this country, would go to any lengths.

arundhati roy is of view that "kashmir needs azadi from india". i want to understand when she said this what was she trying to be:-

a - an indian
b - a pakistani
c - a kashmiri

not certainly a, because every body understand the designs of evil pakistani leadership and ever shrewd chinese leadership and it would be worst for India to have its land exposed, which is now safeguarded by the inhuman siachien terrain and technically uneasy upper kashmir

not certainly b, because she would have then said that kashmir needs to be the part of pakistan

not certainly c, because she would have then thought about a poor kashmiri farmer who just wants to sell his apples and be at peace and she would have asked for peace [which had nearly returned to the valley - one of my uncles and one of my closest friends holidayed there in the last year and felt good] and better standard of living for themselves to make money either from apples or tourism.

so what is she trying to be? a bitch? but then she can't be even that because they are a loyal species.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

the explosion

rimi, baby! the words escaped jay's throat. she was from history honors. the most magnificent body he had ever seen. today he couldn't stop himself the moment she placed her lips of his. while rhythmic thrusts he remembered he didn't have any protection on. he exploded, oh shit! what a relief... his dream was broken.


i try never to explain my 55s. but i guess this one might warrant the need. the climax in this one was the portrayal of a literal one :D "shit" - also because jay messed his pajamas and "relief" because he didn't risk becoming a teenage dad now :D


Monday, August 18, 2008

the fine print

it's been six years since she left him the letter that just said - "see ya". her images were flashing across his mind. they were as vivid as incomprehensible. he was trembling when he read it second time today and realised it said "at midnight outside my back door" in fine print on the other side.


after some unhappy 55s, one that makes me happy


Sunday, August 17, 2008

the change of preferences or hypocrisy?

i was missing something and started feeling nostalgic. i don't know how i came to this disjointed thought process but then i started thinking if we boys are not honest about what we like; if there really is a difference between what we like at some point of time and if our preferences change when it is a question of life.

for example, malik, a closest colleague of mine is a friend as well. he got married around six months ago. he liked petite females and was always jeering of my preferences that bordered on affinity for plumpness. but he ended up marrying a girl who is exactly opposite to the figure he liked. i am sure her personal qualities must have been much higher when he asked her to be his life partner. but my question is, does that mean that we guys are frivolous about our physical preferences. is my growing affinity for petite females a witness to this?


Sunday, August 10, 2008

the old road traffic story

fucker, dimag se andha, chutiye ka pattha, landur, pagal ka bacha, ullu ka patha, gaandu [along with the gender change of the 2nd expletive for the bespectacled female] were some compliments for those driving towards him in high beam, that took off ramesh's mouth while he was driving in the well lit single lane road.


this can be termed as an old story. but i find it unique 55 nonetheless. although it is a pity that this road traffic tragedy has grown so mundane that it is formed as a story.


Sunday, August 3, 2008

an unwelcome relief

although the settings were regular, almost mundane, but today since he got up, the morning had been a little vexing. he started to office with an uneasiness that was not really gut curling but was disturbing nonetheless. sunny was just thinking of running away from office when a fart relieved him of the bad stomach.


excuse me, if you find this and some of my 55 offensive.