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Sunday, August 17, 2008

the change of preferences or hypocrisy?

i was missing something and started feeling nostalgic. i don't know how i came to this disjointed thought process but then i started thinking if we boys are not honest about what we like; if there really is a difference between what we like at some point of time and if our preferences change when it is a question of life.

for example, malik, a closest colleague of mine is a friend as well. he got married around six months ago. he liked petite females and was always jeering of my preferences that bordered on affinity for plumpness. but he ended up marrying a girl who is exactly opposite to the figure he liked. i am sure her personal qualities must have been much higher when he asked her to be his life partner. but my question is, does that mean that we guys are frivolous about our physical preferences. is my growing affinity for petite females a witness to this?



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