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Monday, July 21, 2008

the dark knight - bright opening

the indelible ink of the script of the dark knight leaves a mark on your mind for two reasons and acting of christian bale, morgan freeman or michael caine not being one of them, it is the sheer excellence of a stunt in which the long trailer swings in air like the needle on the tachometer traveling from 0 to 8000 rpm mark of a ferrari and second one being the awesome, scary depiction of joker by the late heath ledger.

went with ankur and diya today and the first half of the movie was worth the mental pain that you bear while paying 120 bucks for the second from front row seat and physical pain that you bear while watching the full 70 mm size.

if the movie wouldn't have had the batman in it, the joker surely would have won hands down. amazing presence, depth defying ingenuity and makes a great impact. you just can't help miss the guy who is all gone now.

a little lengthier at around 150 minutes, i would probably not watch the last 45 again but the first 100 minutes certainly keep you glued to your seat. and i would recommend watching the entire thing for the quality of the first major chunk.



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