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Thursday, June 26, 2008

suggestions derived from a study

a news link on rediff caught my eye. it reported that a study has determined that the girls think about shopping as much times as guys do sex in a day which is an average of every 52 seconds [if the guys get that much time, that it, i presume. there are other similar exceptions {like when driving along with other girl drivers on the road - they surely won't be thinking of laying them but wishing they are invisible} to these findings but that could be the subject of another post]

so you please read up the rediff article and then read some suggestions that might be of some social help in that case:-

- government should subsidies the real estate rates for those opening specific-for-women malls. that ways they would be keeping girls away from the guys and hence contribute in decreased population growth rate.

- condom companies should open large stores, like those pen stores in malls these days that sell pens in all shapes, sizes, colours and textures. and these condom companies should give away incentives in the form of shoes and bags to the girls for doing excessive shopping. that ways they will do some social service by bringing girls near guys as well as improve revenues.

- no wonder villages and small towns have much better fertilisation rate. government should encourage malls in villages instead of spending millions on educational programs.

- companies publishing adult magazines for men should buy stakes in women fashion accessories companies and fund them so that men would find solace in their volumes when they won't find their girls at home

- instead of running 20 miles a day to shed their flab, guys should work for shoe stores. probability of a girl shrieking out of wonder on how beautiful the shoe looks on her feet and getting impressed by your shoe selection skills and hugging you would be much more than her hugging you after getting impressed by your hard earned results after you worked your ass off on that regime

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