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Sunday, September 28, 2008

the act of maintaining equilibirium

the problem is, it seems, that those of us who commit crimes are not directly reprimanded for those crimes. instead others seemingly innocent of our lot get punished.

you must have noticed the badge that i have on the blog since last few days. it refers to the seal hunting and carnage that goes on every year in canada. some bloody assholes bludgeon little seals, some of which are not even months old, to death. And it is not illegal. this is not just atrocious but barbaric.

and i guess people are starving in somalia, getting blown away in bomb blasts in iraq, and drowning in floods in bihar for the sins committed by some motherfuckers in canada.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

the faith is damaged

i am considering suing the popular media that has been misleading me into committing certain acts that has been damaging for my faith in human intelligence and my commercial interests.

if the above fact doesn't make sense to you then please read on for what inspired me to bet my hard earned [left over] money on my plight.

i was neither offered to have sex with a hot and fresh babe in authentic bengali drape nor did any firangi chick attempted to lick/bit my right buttock in a public place to my supreme delight even after using wild stone and axe brand of deodorants repeatedly.


please have a look at the labels of this story before judgmental assumptions:D

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Monday, September 22, 2008

the family at a premium

"you again forgot to bring timmy's new set of teethers", priya was brimming with as much rage as irritation. it has been third day since neeraj has forgot to bring them. neeraj realised his mistake but he couldn't even blame himself, for it has been a month since he was on bench. his company was on laying off spree. he was busy saving his job and trying to find something for himself in the shrinking market and trying to save priya from additional stress other than taking care of her first toddler.

neeraj wished he could just get a break. probably to goa. both of them have always loved being in goa. he knew they will fall in love with each other all over again. not that there was any distance between them deep down. But timmy, their bundle of love seem to have reserved all for himself.

the whirlwind of these thoughts was broken by a shriek that stunned neeraj and priya, herself, too. even timmy stopped fiddling with his cookie. "have you gone deaf, neeraj, do you even love me anymore to hear what i am going hoarse saying here?". priya didn't really mean her words. and what escaped her throat surprised herself too.

neeraj flinched. she felt the rage inside her melting, but at a very slow pace. suddenly, neeraj grabbed her shirt's collar drew her near and before she could think planted his lips all over hers'. the pace of her melting rage quickened.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

her smile

it has always been so with them, he thought - even with room full of people he could be alone with her. another lovable thing about her was that she never cringed on his touch, no matter how many heads may turn.

but today was different. she was smiling to him. and he could touch her hair. but he was empty inside and he cried and wondered why was she all alone when she died.


not a 55. jitni mushkil kuch comic likhne mein hoti hai utni hi kuch serious mein hoti hai


Monday, September 15, 2008

DDA flats - probability of you getting one

it is ironical that in the aftermath of such terrorizing blasts in delhi, the housing scheme from dda is breaking new records in the number of application filed.

according to reports in national daily, they initially printed 4 lac forms and then ordered another 4. without speculating how much overquoting or underquoting [and not considering the numbers of downloaded forms, and not considering any reservations, and considering that everything behind the dda curtains will be done fairly ;-)] they have done, let us assume that half of the total number of forms were filled by young blood fueled by the IT industry and that all of them tried for 3 bedroom options. now there are around 352 such flats available.

going by simplest probability calculation [352/400000] the chances of me landing an allocation comes to 88 in 10 thousand. Or say for every flat more that 1100 people are trying to get it.

seems like chances of getting a flat are slimmer than chances of getting into IITs.


an excellent student

i don't understand why was i asked to roam around the school playground, check out those junior high girls in extra short skirts and brag to my favorite teacher how interesting did i find reading in the library to be even when it was a free class, when i was happily asleep at the back.


it isn't true but i find this 55 to be hugely funny :D


Friday, September 12, 2008

the nuke deal - india wins!?!?

someone asked me "is se kya india ko fayda hoga?". was referring to the NSG waiver that india got earlier

the problem is that it isn't as black and white as we would wish it should be.

i have two unanswered question from all this deal saga:-

1. why in the dear world is america so interested in "india's good"?

2. why is no one trying to speak anything about alternative sources of energy? even when every one knows that the fuel provider group is even smaller? we are coming from begging gcc and going to beg some even smaller set.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

i am not fond of music

i don't know why i want to write about them but i hate the songs that haunt you as much as you like them. i don't even know what exactly haunting means, here, but i might be able to pull the explanation off if that mean holding a pair of beautiful eyes intent on listening some sensible statements.

i might not even ever want to save them in my [expensive] storage space and probably would change the channel if i catch them but i would still like them to figure in my "appreciate these" list.

for those wondering brains, an example would be [a plagiarized effort] "tu mile" from criminal. while talking about it, manisha koirala never looked hot except for probably those nanoseconds while she showed off her that wow cleavage and the cameraman would cut off anything that starts from the area of the anatomy called tummy onwards.

i wonder why am i giving some genuine stuff here. fuck. i guess what i was really going to talk about was another song. o meri chandani from chandani. the way jolly mukherji utters the closing lines - "chandani, o meri chandani". the whole last line [choice of words, fading music and sound] bit makes it ultra luxe.


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

the wiring

females, no matter the species they are born as, are similar at certain level

attenborough, while following and filming the herd of african elephants, observes that a female elephant even when in season give a run around to the male elephant who has qualified as the potential mate.

it's all about the wiring.


Monday, September 8, 2008

boring update of apparently no consequence

google has launched their new web browser - chrome. i haven't used it but it seem fast on a machine that have different configuration from my machine. anyways i upgraded my firefox to 3. the first thing i didn't like was the processing power/time it took while typing addresses - which is obvious looking at the bottleneck they have introduced there. anyways i hope i like it. they have introduced new features in bookmarking zone [and i have installed an extension to further enhance it]. hope they are of help to me.


Friday, September 5, 2008

in the honour of a hero

thanks to spicy, i am posting about something that is close to my heart and about someone who was [is] an absolute hero.


i was watching steve irwin in the afternoon and me and mom were hooked to the tv like we used to

it is sad that i didn't know that it was being aired probably in his memory

although shattered would be an exaggeration, but we were all shattered, as shattered as you could be when you come to know about the death of someone you do not know [in person] but still love

i have always been moved more by the condition of animals that humans or anything in this world. if ever i would be responsible enough to actually do anything worthy then i would work something for wildlife/animal conservation. but steve was a hero, to the core.

[this was addressed to spicy] i have seen the sting ray cartoon and it is one of the most moving thing.

thanks spicy, thanks for it. and i would be posting this comment on my blog as a post. hope you won't mind :)


i have posted the above text originally as comment to spicy's post but because i feel so much for the animal world, and in honour of a person who was almost above normal humans, in stature, i am re-posting it here.

like spicy said, he did what other humans [like me] brag about.


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

the lovers

it has been some days since i have written a 55. something is itching somewhere.


after reading the story, renu looked at the picture of the king with more of a glee than scorn. the king was trying to find himself the 14th queen. she couldn't decide if she was pitying the critics or the readers. is having 14 lovers such a big deal, she wondered with a bright smile.


why can't i write real tearjerkers? not that i know if i can. but it would be fun. or if not tears then something that someone could laugh their asses off after reading.


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

relationships in the present state of society

on the cost of sounding subjective, again, i want to wonder whether our society can stop at the stage when husbands respect the self-reliance of their wives and the marriages are still as successful as they used to be in our parents' times? i mean mutual respect [such as that in the western society] but divorce rates still as low as they were in our society back in 80's.


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