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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

relationships in the present state of society

on the cost of sounding subjective, again, i want to wonder whether our society can stop at the stage when husbands respect the self-reliance of their wives and the marriages are still as successful as they used to be in our parents' times? i mean mutual respect [such as that in the western society] but divorce rates still as low as they were in our society back in 80's.


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Blogger Animated Junk said...

if u take a closer look, maybe husbands may in sum cases not b able to respect the self-reliance of women...
But wat has self-reliance done to most cases it has instead of making them assertive made them aggressive.
they often say, a man who has bcome rich newly often flaunts the more and lives a pompous life
same way the newly acquired "freedom" for the present generation has jus sumtimes made women headstrong n irresponsible..

9/02/2008 06:55:00 PM  
Anonymous burf said...

oh! behterien

kya baat keh di madam aapne. wah!

isi baat pe meri taraf se aap radisson ki coffee shop me coffee pi lena aur bill muje mail maar dena ;)

9/02/2008 09:36:00 PM  
Blogger Tazeen said...

it indeed is too much to ask

9/03/2008 11:10:00 AM  
Anonymous burf said...

tazeen - why do you say so?

9/03/2008 11:39:00 AM  
Blogger Trinaa said...

if d guy has guts then toh haanji..bikul possible hai..

ps:thanks for visiting my blog :))

9/03/2008 07:04:00 PM  
Blogger pseudo intellectual said...

from most of the marraiges i see around me, equality's still a distant dream.
but perhaps, this is how marraiges last. as my mum tells me, no matter how you slice it, marraiges need compromises. and more of'em from the woman. live with it. live inspite of it :)

9/04/2008 01:01:00 AM  
Anonymous burf said...

trina, pseudo - LOL

9/04/2008 12:01:00 PM  
Blogger Bubbly Vodka said...

Considering the way the male and female population are wired and the way they work together, I don't think we're ever going to get there. Only a small percentage of the population can be that way. The relatively small sensible portion that is.

9/05/2008 04:15:00 PM  
Anonymous burf said...

bubbly - i liked the word "wired"

9/07/2008 09:44:00 PM  

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