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Thursday, August 30, 2007

today's updates

time for updates

1. i am bored [repeat thrice per second]
2. i was trying to answer the question "where you belong?". i don't know the answer... [although my first reply was "to the city of babes, it's just that they are ignorant of the fact :D"]
3. there was one funny news and one shocking picture in TOI today. funny one being a tusker eloping with a babe of his kinds and shocking one being the pic of janet jackson's single boob show at super bowl [i mean yea, i admit i write all this crap in public domain where kids might come and read and try to check it out but for sakes look at the chances of kids looking at delhi times', a soft-porn supplement to a national daily, page versus my this blog].
4. i wonder when will the winters arrive. i need to check out all the historical spots around delhi.
5. it has been 3 quarters of an hour since i have come to office and all i have done is just blog-hopping. i better check out my mail box now before my boss sends me job searching...

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Monday, August 27, 2007

almost tragic

"i cant believe what an incredulously incestuous female the one in the neighbourhood is - though with all due respects to her absolutely curvaceous bod wrapped in honeyed milk dipped skin

i fancy her all the time and she says 'bhai, jara wo subzi wale ko awaj laga dena'"

~sumit said

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

she was hot

i am unhappy seeing zero comments on my last blog. so to kill my unhappiness i thought about my next post. i actually wanted to do a tag. but as i have been out of blogging circuit for a very long time, no one seems to remember me to tag these days.

so i thought of next best thing which used to be a popular concept in old times in blogville when i blogged a lot. a tiny story. and there is one simple rule: it should be 75 words long.

so here goes *************************

i knew she wanted to be gobbled up, and that was the reason why she looked such inviting. i knew her taste from earlier and the moment i put my lips on her she tasted even better. after burning my lips i went on to lick her. her roundness was adding to the pleasure. it was not long before i ate all of her - my favorite chocolate chip ice cream in brown waffle cone.


so why don't you try one now?


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

food or energy?

i am no fan of UPA coalition, that too for no apparent reason but i anyways am in favour of the nuclear deal. i mean i don't want india to be part of the sissy foundation but till russia becomes the superpower again, we have to get into some kind of fraternity. and going by the looks of it, g w bush led self-destructible group is the most favorable one now.

so the other day i was listening to the statements of this half-dead leader of left who was saying people of india need food and not atom bomb (btw, bombs are not the only implementation of the nuclear energy - electricity is too). politically very correct statement, i would say. but would anyone like to ask that idiot that if all the bangladeshis who are infiltrating the country, under his party's aegis, are shitting the overground water unusable then you need to use the underground water for irrigation which needs some kind of electricity to be pumped out. and no irrigation means no grain and so on and so forth.

but (sadly for the country) i guess these are just political games. left leaders would run faster than saurav dada does for his hundredth run at the lords to sign it if they are promised (highly lucrative) cabinet seats (such as home ministry and infrastructure) in lieu of signing the deal.


Saturday, August 18, 2007

updates and observations

my mobile phone is dead. not because it is a nokia and battery is no more as it has gone for replacement. the battery is too old to fall in any range that is falling in past... ummm... maybe 5 years.

it is dead because till last month it used to get pink sms' which started as "hey sweetheart..." and went on till i was drooling all over the old but nicely cased chip. these days the old thing gets sms' which go "hey dork, prove yourself to be one and take loan from us which you do not need (thankfully for me) but we are giving you such eagerly now so that we can rip even your jocks off, later, in the name of interest".

watched transformers last night. funny movie - which i probably wouldn't have realised but for the constant giggling of the hottie and the fattie at the back. but it was a funny movie indeed other than some nice graphics. although confusion prevailed when there was a full bloodied fight between megatron's bad metal men and primus' good metal men in the lanes of hollywood studios. but that was generally compensated by the cleavages that were deep and clearly visible. all in all a good 3 hours spent.

but one thing that i certainly didn't like, a core signal hacker in the form of smokin' sexy babe. you just can't train abs while reading signaling systems by mc graw hills. you probably would fall off the treadmill or would not make any sense of any text other than maybe in the acknowledgments.


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

what's with these females on orkut?

i don't understand those females on orkut who write in their about me sections or where ever on their profile that people should not be scrapping them or sometimes even view their profile. i mean can you be that dumb? although i totally understand their frustration against those despots who get their office net for their stalking activities but c'mon girls, it is like you flashing boobs in a mosh pit and expecting geeks to not crack their lenses the moment you do.

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Monday, August 13, 2007

a(nother) trekking trip

a trekking trip to valley of flowers and hemkund sahib [to wash the overburdening backbone-cracking sins under the wrap of strenuous trek] is very much on the cards.

more on the trip and nude babes later :D


the bengali connection

i have been wondering living in a city where i have traditionally been surrounded by punjabis with them being my best friends, my hotties, my mentors, my social everythings, suddenly it seems they are no more and have instead been replaced by, well, bengalis - thus the title of the post. and to support my claim the list here goes:-

the artist who nearly seduced me - bengali
the one who holds my heart, currently - bengali
the maid who my mom hates but is indispensable to her - bengali
the one who is a writer - bengali
the one who i have hired and who ditches me and i still don't mind - bengali
the one who is an asshole and an idiot and screws my workplace life - bengali
the one who surprisingly insists that i am one of his most important mentors - bengali
the non-favorite celebrity who i would want to lay - bengali

and i am sure there would at least be a couple more whom i am not able to recall now. in case you think you can help me recall who they are without charging for it, please enlighten.


the decision over choosing college unveiled

you know why i never was able to decide [no convincing enough reason, you know] if i would want to attempt GRE or GMAT or which college i would want to join in the US or which course or whatever? because american pie 5 wasn't released. because if it would have been than i would have joined the college where they organise the naked mile every year. the race in which students strip down to their birthday suits and run for a mile around the campus - girls and boys alike, man! one rocking college it should be :D


the introductory post

no matter how much time i would take or would have taken, those who know me or my last blog(s) would know about that anaconda that keeps writhing about in the basement and won't let me not write even after i close the blog - in honour of - which i funnily started for the reason i start this one.

so this is another such crapjoints where i would attempt to write something that i ain't thinking about. and better still you would read it if you have to. so better get on to reading some interesting post instead of this useless introductory post people.