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Monday, August 13, 2007

the bengali connection

i have been wondering living in a city where i have traditionally been surrounded by punjabis with them being my best friends, my hotties, my mentors, my social everythings, suddenly it seems they are no more and have instead been replaced by, well, bengalis - thus the title of the post. and to support my claim the list here goes:-

the artist who nearly seduced me - bengali
the one who holds my heart, currently - bengali
the maid who my mom hates but is indispensable to her - bengali
the one who is a writer - bengali
the one who i have hired and who ditches me and i still don't mind - bengali
the one who is an asshole and an idiot and screws my workplace life - bengali
the one who surprisingly insists that i am one of his most important mentors - bengali
the non-favorite celebrity who i would want to lay - bengali

and i am sure there would at least be a couple more whom i am not able to recall now. in case you think you can help me recall who they are without charging for it, please enlighten.



Blogger The Weekend Blogger said...

Bengalis leave a greater impacyt outside West West Bengal they are smothered by the "Business Community"

I like your writing !

9/04/2007 06:37:00 PM  

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