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Saturday, January 31, 2009

travel 2009 - 1, oman, muscat

internetting at excruciatingly crawling speed for 130 INR / hour from muscat, back from first meeting then lunch. this time i am liking it a little better in here.

much important meeting listed on monday. i hope i will take [professional] positives out of here.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

she was the truth

he never said anything that was true to her. never when he held her hands, never when he held her in hands, never when he kissed her lips, never when the images on the movie screen flicked, never when he untangled her hair, never when she meddled with his hair, never when she was cooking for him, never when they were eating the single ice cream; not even whenever she cried, he would never forget she looking angelic bleary eyed

today he said it for the first time, the absolute truth - bye

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

males, courtesy females

a report in toi today suggested that promiscuous females contribute in improving the quality of sperms in males.

this report baffled me a little because i always thought considering the physical quality of guys in the times of maharana pratap, you would wonder whether girls were promiscuouser then or now?


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

a dream of mine

a dream today made me conclude

you should get married to you first love. it saves you from subsequent heart burns.



Monday, January 19, 2009

multiple threads entwined

though top two are remotely interconnected but this post would have multiple threads...


the magic of adaptability is such that you get as comfortable in your current habitat as you were in your last pretty soon.

the biggest flip of living with folks is that your probably can't make out on the couch as often as you would like with your girl. you probably will need to restraint her from hollering when in ecstasy and you would need to stop from making your point while in an argument with her, just because you don't want your family to be ruffled. the easy way out for us kids which is more imposed than chosen in our part of the world is to move out under the wrap of work and then we don't want to come back


i don't really love travel for work that comes with anxiety. and the impending travel is exactly that. still waiting for the visa. although this means that i won't be waiting for the connecting flight in dubai for 2+4 hours as i would rather take a direct flight than worry about accumulating flying miles.

living in middle east would be a little hard for me, and lack of winters in delhi this season have reinforced that assumption a lot. i guess i should be happy that my visits to any of these counties don't ever exceed a week.


i have been searching for some good pictures to put up on my right side bar, of a curvy body. i have been talking about my love for the plump. for those who are are getting gross ideas, please go check this out. somehow i am not able to find the other posts that i have written on this topic. and if anyone can suggest me any good wallpapers to put on my sidebar, it would be great. thanks in advance.

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

dr. kumar vishwas at moksha '04

he might be sexist and he might give a faint impression of being decadent at his take on a few topics but his lines are intelligent, his voice charming and his comments witty. his names is dr. kumar vishwas. and one of the best performances that i have heard of him made me his instant fan [of at least his that poem/performance].

delivered at the fest of '04 at nsit, delhi, he enamored many by his this gig. listen to it without prejudice, please.

om would love it, i am sure. kyu bhai?


Monday, January 12, 2009

grease that navel

winters sometimes can be excruciating too. of some other minor irritations that they bring, chapped lips is one of the foremost for those people with dry skin like mine. i have always been unhappy with the utter distaste that the cracks on the lips bring.

but this time a very ingenious solution helped me out of this problem which has plagued and ruined pleasures of youth whenever it could :D

the solution is to grease the navel. now, it might sound a little corny but it is purely a baba ramdevish - easy and effective [with no side-effects ;) too] one.

for details don't forget to write to me like you always do ;) :D

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

a survey on pleasure

according to a survey the following are most irritating incidents while sex:-

1. morning alarm
2. head banging on the head post
3. unyielding knot in the string of the pajamas
4. not able to find condoms in the usual drawer
5. kid crying inconsolably


Sunday, January 4, 2009

the climate here, and there

the winters are finally and thankfully here. the numbing fingers, the bone chilling breeze that shakes you up when you run into the balcony after bath to hang your towel on the cord in just your undies :D. the blinding fog that disappears but paints the whole world gray. somehow my trip to narkanda induced the weather, it seems to me.

although it should be cold where should be but it seems that some authorities are trying to do utmost to tweak the climate in some other part of the world where it is beautifully hot. i mean this is a total disaster. what are they thinking? do the girl not have right to stand shoulder to shoulder with men? even in a developed nation? what are they trying to make of the country - another saudi? a move totally against what feminism and women liberation stands for :D authorities in sydney are planning to ban girls from going topless on the beaches.

if heaven is anywhere, then it is here on earth and you experience it in bits and pieces.

on a chilly saturday morning, sitting on a cane ottoman and eating smoking aalo ke paranthe being made by mom fresh, along with semi frozen powdery chunks of desi ghee, and sipping on the strong milk coffee which you yourself prepared while glancing into the interesting account of his ascent of everest by edmund hillary in 'high adventure', you experience another bit.


fate sometimes has an interesting way to drive you from getting what you desire to what you deserve.


Thursday, January 1, 2009

happy new year 2009

it is generally that i travel on the new years or sleep. sleep because no one is inviting me to a party. and today i am going to sleep when i have got many invites because i am used to it.

but hey people:-

wish you a very happy new year 2009 :D have fun ;)