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Saturday, March 29, 2008

this fourth trip

out of my last three work related short term travels abroad, i have never took my digital camera along, but this time i am taking it along... can you guess why? ;) :D


Friday, March 28, 2008

where are you?

a trip to pitampura shook my faith in the crowd of noida which i was considering to be getting better. noida isn't like gk or khan market where you would see [nearly] all females chic and sexy but then not all places are gk. so since a year or so i was coming to think [looking at crowds in some posh malls] that girls in noida are getting hotter. but a drive to pitampura on folks' insistence came as a slap on the face of my standards which clearly stated that i got to review my tastes in retrospection.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

when nudge comes to shove

with my eyes closed i wasn't sure of the crowd that was building around me. i wasn't really afraid but there was a doubt that was creeping into my mind. i knew my only chance would be to not let go off the grip of the rail that i had clung to for 2 hours or be shoved off the line for the prasad.

and all these wicked auntijis are experts at it, either they will sneer at you, or they will cajole you with sweet words or they will get physical knowing very well that the hardest of hardened criminals would give way to their shoulder nudges that lead to your giving away your spot to the back of the crowd.

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Monday, March 24, 2008

this holi

the feeling that i got this holi was that it is dead, there aren't many people having fun out there and it is a shame. i mean holi has more energy than diwali. at diwali the energy is created by gun powder but at holi the energy is create by the laughter. human contact is such an integral part of holi. holi is what differentiates us from those firangis who have stuck up asses. holi reflects the warmth that is india, it reflects the love.

but i had fun. coloured 5 people with the darkest green water colour [which was easily removed after not much scrubbing - which i liked and did not like at the same time :D] and gulal with some more. barabar wali bhabi ko to mast rang lagaya :D

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

the amazing creations

it would be unjust, ignorant and subjective to say that there are no genuine cartoon character creators in india. being such a populace, it would be almost impossible to not have a genuine world-class cartoonist within us. but i wonder why are there not many wonders like the common indian of rk laxman. is it because we as sub-standard prejudiced readers can't appreciate or demand genuine stuff? i don't know of chinese [although everybody is aware of what rage japanese manga is] or danish cartoonists who created immortal characters but we do know of those [presumably] americans such as bill waterson who created calvin and hobbes, freg wagner created lyle and eugene of animal crackers, garfield by jim davis and many others and love a lot many of them.


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

tale from inside the showroom

for all the imprudent sexist crap in the world i think i can be a frozen snowman when it really matters. this friend of mine, yesterday evening, invited me to some apparently real fast shopping. i don't know how in the world did i fall for it but well i did. even with she being a rather better friend, i was bored roaming around this mall which had good-for-nothing crowd. so out of boredom and with an intention of throwing her off her foot such that it may result in her dropping her shopping plans, i exclaimed to her pointing towards the showroom - straps [the lingerie shop], "hey, that mannequin looks hot in that, isn't it?". i don't know what came upon her, she shrieked in lord knows what joy and to my horror dragged me inside the showroom. presence and stares of couple of aunties made sure i was 3 feet inside the floor already. and this friend of mine started asking my recommendation on every piece she could lay her hands upon. oscillating between not conceding defeat on hands of her apparent mischief and strong urge to run out of the place for air, i kept acting as if i was super cool and was handling the situation with unmatchable suave when the friend used her trump card. she said, "would you hold on to these while i try this one to show it to you". before i could say no [in retrospect i guess i wanted to see her in those >:D] she disappeared after thrusting all those designer thongs somethings in my hands, leaving me to be murdered by another couple of aunties who joined the earlier two. and to top it all there were this group of college going females who were giggling their way to my book of posthumous fame. ages went by while i kept assuring myself that the friend would be back any second and it is just that the awkwardness of the situation is making me feel seconds as hours. but it wasn't soon when i started feeling uneasy and eased my frozen glare at some unknown point and started moving my head when suddenly i saw my friend standing outside the showroom laughing her ass off. anyone can imagine how i hard i ran after her life thereafter :D


Monday, March 17, 2008

doing a tag now

hardest thing about buying gold jewelery is the fractions.

i mean i ain't too bad in basic maths but - first, multiplying the current four digits metal rate with four digits weight and then multiplying the three digit rate workmanship rate with minimum single digit and at least two decimal digit weight and then negotiating the workmanship rate and then calculating the total [and comparing to get how much have we managed the shopkeeper to discount] which comes after summing the metal value with workmanship amount [let alone comparing it with the metal and workmanship rates at a different shop] - can easily fuse some neuron cells.

now i gotta tweak and do the tag [it has been aeon since i did one] :D chakoli the babe, tagged me :D thanks dear

so here it goes [in my customised form :D ]... what you need to do is, write 1 thing about yourself on different topics:-

thing i am passionate about

-> wildlife

thing i want to do before i die

-> grade V white water rafting

thing i say often

-> thik hai

book i read recently

-> heat by george monbiot

song i can listen to over and over

-> sacrifice by elton john

thing that attracts me to the other sex

-> boobs, of course :D [wit is appreciated too if i manage to take my eyes off :P]

tags have always been a rage in blogville and though i have ridiculed them, hated them, did them and even invented one once, i could say doing them is one funny concept.

edited [added] later:-

yesterday's race, first one for this season had me glued. i was disappointed the moment fisichella [force india] crashed out. also, i guess, my favorite car - ferrari - have darkened their car colour - can any other f1 fan confirm it, if they noticed the same?


Friday, March 14, 2008

this is for those who love

the animated movies [this is the last part of the title of this post]

i was googling for a list of animated movies when i landed on a page that had my eyes wide open. it listed hundreds of animated movie titles in chronological order; since they were started to be made in 1940s [and earlier]. and i thought there would not be movies more than a count of 40. i was even more surprised to see that the first animated movie from india [with japanese co-operation] was made in 1991 [unsurprisingly, it was about Ramayana].

but the whole motive behind this post was to write about a new movie - just a couple of stills of the movie have me smitten. the title is "horton hears a who". and time's review has spared nothing to praise it. all the more reasons for me to be excited and eager to watch it.

i have always watched an animated movie on my last three work related travels - although the last time i wasn't really able to see one and was fucking pissed off because i started ratatouille and those headphone went dumb.

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

don't stop talking

i was writing a comment on >chakoli's< blog regarding advent of internet and telephones and their impact on the way we communicate which inturn goes a long way in impressing on our personalities.

the problem with either telephonic or internet based communication is that we only communicate via one sense - voice. other senses [expression, touch, mannerism] which are as important, if not more, are missing from the 'communication'. thus it is very hard to convey to a person on the phone or chat or through blog comments if you were being funny and not at all sexist or offensive.

plus it is very hard when people are touchy and defensive [like i am]. if something has hit your sensitivity then i guess you should not get defensive by refraining from communicating your concern, but try to communicate about it and get it resolved.

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008


it saddens me and it enrages me at the same time when i read news such as that of scarlett keeling, the british teen who was raped and murdered but reasons such as

she was a kid
she was raped
she was a guest to the country [although this doesn't really matter to a huge number of people how our country's reputation is marred. hockey, for example; gill says he has nothing to do with the defeat - i guess he has only to do with making money]

i am enraged whenever i read news about mishaps with foreign tourists. i believe most of the tourists come with a certain beautiful imagery of our country and although most of that imagery might be corrupted the moment they land here, they still love it in some or the other way, if they decide to stay. what i hate is when they are violated by the crooks that roam the roads.

in school i read a story where the narrator visits and japan and standing on a platform exclaims to himself which goes something like, japan is great but i couldn't find good fruits there. within some moments a japanese gifts him a basket of fruits and requests him not to say the same thing about his country when the narrator returns back.

this is what i want should happen to the tourists. if they decide to stay, they should be treated as guests those in ideal india would be treated.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

do you derive pleasure?

first, an important self-question:-
i wonder if all the girls have been exported to mumbai? where the hell are the delhi girls???

now, the post:-
we all have fallen in love and we all have hit a really sickeningly rough patch while we were still fallen and we all have risen thereafter. everyone is unhappy to the core, that is what we all know, but what i want to know is that is there anyone who derives pleasure while it is coming on too hard? i mean, do people remain in that state because there is a sense of satisfaction in feeling good about feeling bad?


Monday, March 10, 2008

traffic revolves around girls

it is hard to remain clean when you are living in a muck filled stream. but you could still try to remain a little close to the surface where the sediments are the least.

[all the above was said with reference to the driving conditions culminated by amazingly knowledgeable, disciplined and responsible drivers on the roads {please consider the last 3 attributes to be sarcastic}]

i have noticed that people are a trifle more hard on [bad] women drivers when it comes to criticizing them. i mean it might be possible that the percentage of bad drivers in female species is like 99% as against 75% in case of men but being subjective is still being subjective. so i was pondering as to why females are in such a tight spot as drivers:-

1. they convert bad [and good] male drivers into crazy [and bad] drivers because as soon as the guys realise that the car driven on their left is by a girl, they start paying more attention on her anatomy than the traffic signals.

2. the girls pay more attention on the mirrors rather the bumpers of the cars in front [probably because the guys are paying attention to them]

3. the 9th and 10th biker are trying to jostle into a foot wide space between the two cars because the other 8 are piling around the girl on the scooty.

there are others but now i am going to do some work.

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Saturday, March 8, 2008

the half cooked reviews

alien vs. predator requiem, or AVPR as it is popularly known; got it from a colleague along with half a dozen other movies.

generally i can write reviews of movies which i like because they kind of leave some kind of impact on me. and i guess that is the case with everyone who is not getting any money for writing a review. this one did not make any impact on me and neither am i going to get any money out of it so how am i going to practice reviewing? i am going to write about the only scene that i liked in the movie:-

it is when jesse asks ricky to meet at their college pool in the evening and strips down to her underpants :D there was no other scene as gripping you see. but technically speaking, it was one of the best toned external oblique i ever saw [8-) hell]

and then i saw american pie 6 - beta house ;-) wasn't as good as the prequel [the naked mile] to this one but was funny nonetheless; the way they blend spoof of the presumed [although exaggerated] college culture in the US with stupid comedy and still restrain it from becoming a slapstick.


Friday, March 7, 2008

the dilemma of the recent times

a familiar unannounced digging exercise in the middle of the main road led me to a revelation that would soon become my one of the most serious dilemmas of recent times.

the revelation - no amount of oxygen inhaled in the morning run could match the pure oxygen that you get when you drive through the kilometer long stretch in front of the amity campus [i wonder if they have 80% of the seats reserved for girls].

the dilemma - i have now got into serious energy saving mode [at least to the point i could stretch]. some things that i now try to do all the time are:-

1. walk to places i could avoid driving
2. read electronic versions instead [read about energy-saving]
3. switch off lights and devices
4. considering buying a car [whenever] by looking at its impact on environment [even if at the cost of comfort or style]

please, do tell me if you know of some way to save energy that i missed above...

now coming back to the dilemma, when that main road is fixed i would need to drop that babe-stretch :(

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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

how hot would it be?

no one has commented on the post which i did before the last one. i mean i thought that was funny and socially relevant too, if not important. i wonder what people think and expect.

sitting here i just took off the vest that i had on inside the tee, i felt too warm to still have it on and be comfortable. so i took it off. and i still am feeling warm and thus i wonder what people everywhere are wondering. how hot would it ultimately be... i mean before we die roasted on roads or before it leads to some dire catastrophe which will save us from roasting but not save us from dying.

if you are a delhite, then what do you think how much maximum temperature would you be able to see in your lifetime?

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it has been 3 years

i just checked out my own profile on blogger and it told me that i am here since october 2004. and this being my 33rd post, it seems i am making just 10 posts a year. but averages apart, i wonder how long have the people been here?

and i wonder what is it with people not allowing anonymous comments on their blogs. i mean it is different from what it used to be earlier. cmon people, you are in public space now.


Tuesday, March 4, 2008

extra fluoridated

for me brushing the teeth is not about fingering your tooth's ass so much that the germs get sick of the pestering and probably ultimately decide to leave but it is feeling the burning tingle that that extra-fluoridated toothpaste leaves in the mouth later, probably at the cost of a bit of your heart.

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Monday, March 3, 2008


going by the rule that your currently favorite song[s] are those that reflect your current state of mind [which probably is the derivation of your current or latest state of being/affairs], my two favorites in [from] the last year have been [although none of them probably reflect "my" state of mind]:-

aaoge jab tum from jab we met
o meri jaan from metro

[have anyone of you heard them?]

i sometimes wonder, if you really have to go through what to have to write or if after some time you just get a hang of writing. if it is about getting the hang of it then it is murder by mechanics.

after some crap above...

first rule to get laid is:-

work on your pectorals [because you probably can't help the height part or abs :P]

second rule to get laid is:-

work on that mind and tounge stutter that you go through before thinking about talking to that babe

third rule to get laid is:-

consider back up tape drive as more important than your camera [if this doesn't make sense, additional rule for you is to work on your mental levels {if this rule doesn't make sense or irritates you, better wank}]