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Saturday, March 8, 2008

the half cooked reviews

alien vs. predator requiem, or AVPR as it is popularly known; got it from a colleague along with half a dozen other movies.

generally i can write reviews of movies which i like because they kind of leave some kind of impact on me. and i guess that is the case with everyone who is not getting any money for writing a review. this one did not make any impact on me and neither am i going to get any money out of it so how am i going to practice reviewing? i am going to write about the only scene that i liked in the movie:-

it is when jesse asks ricky to meet at their college pool in the evening and strips down to her underpants :D there was no other scene as gripping you see. but technically speaking, it was one of the best toned external oblique i ever saw [8-) hell]

and then i saw american pie 6 - beta house ;-) wasn't as good as the prequel [the naked mile] to this one but was funny nonetheless; the way they blend spoof of the presumed [although exaggerated] college culture in the US with stupid comedy and still restrain it from becoming a slapstick.



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