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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

the winner's incentive

he had his pants way down till his ankles. the aces itself didn't give him as much pleasure as the anticipation of the blow-job that he was promised after winning the tennis final by the hot school prefect. it's sad when your dreams are shattered by laughing crowd, the winking prefect alongwith, outside the car.


real life is a good inspiration for 55's


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

why do kids do?

i wonder why do kids get into stupid thing called love and hassles that come attached with it. especially when they have parents who do not support their decision. i don't say that i have not let myself slid into these issues, but probably i didn't have the heart to fight the world.

but somehow i am not able to win this debate in my heart. no one dies tomorrow for those who say live for today. but condition on any tomorrow is open to anyone's speculation.


Monday, July 21, 2008

the dark knight - bright opening

the indelible ink of the script of the dark knight leaves a mark on your mind for two reasons and acting of christian bale, morgan freeman or michael caine not being one of them, it is the sheer excellence of a stunt in which the long trailer swings in air like the needle on the tachometer traveling from 0 to 8000 rpm mark of a ferrari and second one being the awesome, scary depiction of joker by the late heath ledger.

went with ankur and diya today and the first half of the movie was worth the mental pain that you bear while paying 120 bucks for the second from front row seat and physical pain that you bear while watching the full 70 mm size.

if the movie wouldn't have had the batman in it, the joker surely would have won hands down. amazing presence, depth defying ingenuity and makes a great impact. you just can't help miss the guy who is all gone now.

a little lengthier at around 150 minutes, i would probably not watch the last 45 again but the first 100 minutes certainly keep you glued to your seat. and i would recommend watching the entire thing for the quality of the first major chunk.


Friday, July 18, 2008

workplace etiquettes

let alone greet him, people shy away even at the thought of ramesh touching them. they also avoided having lunch with him. people almost shudder at his sight. jeetu had almost started thinking about people at his new workplace as callous when he was told that ramesh do not wash his hands even after potty.


a real life inspired 55...
horrifying, isn't it?


Monday, July 14, 2008

the thunderbolt

it happens that when there is something to happen which is going to affect you, you are prepared by the subconscious for it. this early morning the sound of falling rain has brought me from slumber to trance when i heard a huge rumble in the clouds. i like the sound of the thunder. so much so that when nature is especially angry, i go sit in the balcony to savour that beautiful sound of the trembling rage. but today i was sleeping. and suddenly the thunder continued for couple of seconds more and bolted upon something with such a wondrous thud that it shattered my sleep in the same instant. it made me uncomfortable, for the first time. mom was awake. she said, "kahin giri hai". i was surprised to find myself not at ease. i imagined the spot where it would have fallen, probably not very far away from home.

later while at breakfast mom told me a story of her childhood when it used to rain with much greater fervour. she told me how once the lightning reached for dung cakes inside their storeroom in their town home. how it came inside through the door, reached for those dung-cakes, struck them and escaped puncturing the roof, traveling almost in an inverted arc. the lightning was trying to reach something and attempted multiple times before finally striking. they later found out that it was a big black snake. incredible story that gives you goosebumps if you try to believe it.

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Saturday, July 12, 2008

what's new?

for the same old reasons which very less number of people know of and even lesser can guess about, i am not feeling like blogging anymore. i have had these thoughts, breaks earlier and i have sometime fought with them and sometimes even succumbed to them.

i have solution to this problem as well. i have implemented it earlier but the bigger problem is that it is all a little fluid.

well, the thing to be excited about and also write about is that i have bought a new mobile phone - after almost 5 years :D to relief of some of my closest ones, more than my own. the reactions from some of them went as follows:-

1. acha, konsa wala?
2. shukr hai!!!
3. ehsan kiya tune mujpar [not at all sarcastic]

it is nokia e51 [copper], and the best feature of it is wi fi access. and it complies to my most important requirements:-

1. fast
2. sleek

i have already blog-hopped on it, just have to blog once from it :D


Thursday, July 3, 2008

dezire has a big ass

it is very funny to watch yourself feverishly fidget when you are unable to get something that is an object of your desire. but as much as it is irritating, it is pleasurable to see yourself being able to keep yourself at the tantalizing distance on the edge of yearn.