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Thursday, May 15, 2008

negative is in the air, on the ground and under it too

stars don't seem right for asia [not a very positive statement to begin with when everything is already negative]. the storm, the earthquake, the bombs and then wait for another storm, after-tremors and impending fear of next target.

although for some personal reasons, but the year currently doesn't have a great feel to it.

i didn't buy the second of chetan bhagat's because i thought that it would be a product of the knee-jerk reaction to success. and it was, and not very successful or appreciated either. at least not as much as the debut attempt. i bought the third one for a couple of reasons, first it was cheap [i think most of the fiction should be priced this or even less - but even fiction is not popular with masses here]. teachers should build the culture of reading here. second, i thought it might be a matured attempt. the latest by bhagat is very similar to the first one in flavour. i am through with the two thirds of it and it feels like reading an interesting long blog post by someone. wouldn't have recommended it if it would have been more than the current price of 95.



Blogger Sam said...

I think I'll after all go for the Bhagat novel, its worth it considering the price, makes sense for a light read!! :)And hey, things will look up, hang on..

5/15/2008 05:57:00 PM  

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