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Monday, September 24, 2007

how grand is it?

1. there is this paint work going on the in the house to which although i am contributing near zilch still warranted my bouts of superfluous supervision.

2. the occurrence of words at regular intervals which made sure that i was reminded of the shabby state of my lexical strength and which made sure i was referring the dictionary at disturbing frequency.

3. the absolutely fabulous game of cricket which was followed by the hopeful anxiety.

although the three points above were the primary reasons why i was not able to complete into thin air by jon krakauer at a single go [also it has been awfully long time since i completed a book in a day / single go], i still was able to be through with around four fifths of it. and the reasons were:-

1. it was a non-fictional account of things people do for the romance of it, the enormity of nature and paradoxical state of triumphant life in the face of fallibility [perhaps due to chance or perhaps nature itself wanted so too].

2. although off late rapid movement on high-altitude roads isn't leaving me comfortable but mountains have always impressed me.

3. although i might never be able to get into technical mountaineering and it is not even a burning desire to do any life-threatening climb such as everest but who knows.

into thin air is about an expedition undertaken by some people to climb everest and losing their lives. although i believe that you need to have done some kind of strenuous trekking, if not outright technical mountaineering, to really understand how not easy should conquering something as grand as everest be considered - even if you have the will, the determination, the ego and the resources - a message which probably the author wanted to relay across.



Blogger Reeta Skeeter said...

referring the dictionary at disturbing what is wrong with that as far as you are willing to look it up?

10/01/2007 07:56:00 PM  

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